Maldives best time to travel

Maldives best time to travel


The Maldives has a relatively benign climate, with year-round temperatures between 26C-31C, and whilst it never suffers from tornados it does have a monsoon season between May & November with an inter-monsoon period in July and August. The perfect months are January, February and March when the sky is blue and the water so calm it could be glass. As April is a 'shoulder’ period, the prices are lower; then May sees the start of the low season. During the Monsoon months the weather is generally less predictable, with some heavy rain but rarely bad enough to ruin a holiday.

The Maldives in January

We love January in the Maldives its warm, with low humidity and plenty of sunshine One of the best months to travel to the Maldives. If it rains it wont last long. The weather is hot, with low humidity and great sunshine. High Season it is likely to be busy. With calm conditions water visibility is great, providing some of the best conditions in the world for diving and snorkelling.

The Maldives in February

February is one of the best months to be in the Maldives. With average temperatures around 29°C this is the driest months with less than 70 mm of rain and an average of nearly 10 hours sunshine per day. With warm, calm seas the visibility for diving and snorkelling is perfect.  

The Maldives in March

Its gradually hotting up in the Maldives In March, temperatures in the Maldives rise to an average maximum of 31°C and as the heat builds it is not uncommon to see the occasional shower in particular in the afternoons. Visibility for diving and snorkelling is excellent. For those looking for surfing March is the start of the surfing season in the Maldives.

The Maldives in April

As the Monsoon season approaches the temperatures and humidity are higher. With 31°C the likelihood of heavy rain showers increases as the month of April progresses, in particular in the late afternoon in the Maldives. The sea, however, remains calm and diving and snorkelling is still good.

The Maldives in May

May is a hot month with higher humidity and with the influence of the South West Monsoon in the Maldives, there is an increased likelihood persistent rain. It might be a casual storm but with the wet season there can be a whole day of rain. Water visibility can be reduced for those looking for diving and snorkelling. Hotels are keen to keep the visitors travelling in the off season and price led offers are available.

The Maldives in June.

The monsoon continues to dominate June weather in the Maldives and it may be cloudy with rain. But when the sun shines it will be just perfect and this is a great time for value for money. The monsoon also brings a lot of plankton into the water – reducing diving visibility but also attracting whale sharks and manta rays who come to the feeding grounds.

The Maldives in July

July and August offer an inter-monsoonal period, July brings hot weather to the Maldives, more sunshine and short sharp showers of rain. The water visibility remains cloudy with high levels of plankton, great for divers looking for the larger manta rays and whale sharks.

The Maldives in August

As the inter-monsoonal period continues this is perhaps our favourite time to visit the Maldives, August offers great value for money for families and typically has up to 7 hours sunshine and 29°C. Its not the dry season though and short heavy showers can be prolonged.  Diving visibility continues to be slightly reduced but for families looking for value for money it is hard to beat the August offers in the Maldives.

The Maldives in September

The Monsoon is back and September is generally a wet month in the Maldives. The temperatures are high at 30°C and although there is up to 7 hours of sunshine you are likely to have to dodge the very heavy showers. With reduced water visibility the sighting of the manta rays and reef sharks remain very good.

The Maldives in October

This is typically the wettest month in the Maldives, with high humidity and with overcast days – you ay not see as much sunshine as you are hoping for. It is good to select a resort with good facilities which keep you occupied when you are inside. October is generally considered to be the end of the surfing season. Water visibility can be very poor if the sea is rough.

The Maldives in November

The weather in the Maldives really starts to look up in November but some prolonged showers can be experienced if the monsoon is slow to clear. But with warm temperatures and long periods of sunshine there are plenty of good offers and hotels are keen to attract guests as the season builds. Visibility for diving and snorkelling remains affected by the plankton making it excellent for sighting whale sharks and manta rays.

The Maldives in December

Generally hot and dry the Maldives in December is an attractive place to be. Rain showers can persist until the middle of the month but are generally forgotten by the time Christmas and the New Year arrive. Visibility for diving and snorkelling really improves and the Maldives moves into the high season.