Vietnam best time to travel

Vietnam – Best time to travel

There is no right or wrong time of the year to visit Vietnam. Vietnam is a long thin country with over 2000 miles of coastline and three very distinct varying weather patterns. Throughout the year there will be sun and rain in some locations, but there are certainly better times to be in the different areas. For most people who are looking for a holiday to include the country from the North to the South, you need to be prepared for the weather to be variable.


North Vietnam - cloudy, misty, cool/cold – with day time temperatures around 16-18 degrees, Hanoi and the surrounding area can be chilly at night and early mornings, warm clothing required & in addition the Halong Bay area has foggy mornings & can be cold and windy. In the Northern hilly area near Sapa there can be frost and snow in January.

Central Vietnam – cloudy, rainy, mild, getting warm- around Hue & Hoi An, daily temperatures in the high teens to low 20’s with some daily rains. Conditions are good for sightseeing and for some beach time in places such as Da Nang and Nha Trang.

Southern Vietnam - hot & sunny, clear - Southern Vietnam areas are in the midst of the hot & dry season. Day time temperature around 30 degrees although with high humidity, ideal for sightseeing and for beach stays around Phu Quoc


North Vietnam - cloudy, misty, cool/cold- Hanoi and surrounding area chilly and cool, warm clothing required. Halong Bay has crisp clear weather with misty mornings so dress for cooler weather. In  Sapa there is still possibilities of cold weather but ideal for the hardy trekker.

Central Vietnam- cloudy, some rain, mild/warm - around Hue & Hoi a daily temperatures in the high teens to low 20’s with some daily rains. Starts to warm up as the month progresses ideal area for the ‘Tet’ holidays.

Southern Vietnam -hot and sunny, clear- sunny hot days up to 30 degrees possible afternoon showers, good weather for sightseeing and beach


North Vietnam -cloudy, misty, cool/cold-the Hanoi area is now warming up, good time for sightseeing and sitting outside. In Halong Bay the early mornings and evenings still a little cool, during the days good for water activities such as kayaking. The Northern mountainous areas are still cool, warm clothing required but an excellent time for trekking.

Central Vietnam -sunny, clear. Warm/hot-The Central area sees higher temperatures in March from mid to high 20’s with lower rainfall than previous months. Is a good time for sightseeing and beach relaxation

Southern Vietnam -hot and sunny, clear-March is one of the best months to visit Southern Vietnam. The settled hot conditions in low 30’s ideal for exploring the Delta & Saigon as well a beach stays.


North Vietnam- sunny, clear skies, warm- hot- Hanoi area now sees lovely mild Spring weather, ideal for sightseeing. Conditions on Halong Bay are excellent for cruising, can be a little chilly first thing in the morning. The mists of previous months give way to clear blue skies with a water temperature of around 23-25 degrees, good for swimming           The Northern areas will in April experience good trekking weather. Cold at night and early morning.

Central Vietnam -sunny, clear, warm/hot- Long sunny days with hardly any rainfall make April an ideal month to explore this region. Perfect for sightseeing and lazy beach stays.

Southern Vietnam -hot and sunny, clear-April starts off with good hot temperatures, but April is  the hottest month in Ho Chi Minh city rising to the mid 30’sC  from middle of the month, the humidity climbs and rains creep in.


North Vietnam -sunny, clear skies, warm/ hot-Hanoi area will see a rise in temperature from May along with higher humidity. Some afternoon rains can be expected. This is one of the best months for cruising on Halong Bay, good temperatures, and clear skies. The Sapa area in May has ideal weather for trekking in the daytime with cooler evenings coming with the altitude

Central Vietnam -sunny, clear, warm/hot- start of the hot/wet season, temperatures increase in May ideal to explore the region. The Central coastal areas are protected by the Truong mountain range so good for beach stays.

South Vietnam -hot and humid, rain-high humidity starts to spread across the region with light rainfall most afternoons. May can be slightly cooler than April. Although there are still dry spells need to have raingear handy.


North Vietnam- sunny, clear skies, getting hotter, some rain-Hanoi area has high daytime temperatures 30’s-40’s with daily downpours of rain. Generally, a good month to be on the waters of Halong Bay, possible afternoon rain. Northern areas will have rainy days so not the best time for trekking.

Central Vietnam -sunny, clear warm- hot- the high daytime temperatures are ideal for visiting the beach in the afternoons after a mornings sightseeing. June sees high temperatures of 30-32 degrees This is the warmest part of the country.

South Vietnam -hot and humid, rain- June is in midst of the hot & wet period. June being one of the year’s wettest months in Ho Chi Minh City. Daily afternoon downpours. Rest of the day can be dry and sunny. Some flooding occurs in Southern towns and villages. Rough Seas are to be expected. June temperatures from 28-32 degrees 


North Vietnam -hot, humid, rainy In Hanoi, July is the rainiest month of the year with daily short bursts. Halong cruises can be affected by bad weather in July with sailings cancelled at last moment, although there can be days of good weather. In the north the underfoot conditions can be very slippery due to amount of rainfall.

Central Vietnam-sunny, clear warm-/hot-Hot sunny days with little rainfall, ideal for sightseeing and beach.

South Vietnam -hot and humid, rain- July is probably the wettest month in South Vietnam with heavy daily downpours, temperatures are still high. This is not the best time for sightseeing in the south.


North Vietnam-hot, humid, rainy- Hanoi experiences daily rain, mainly falling in the afternoon. High temperatures and humidity up to 30 degrees.  Halong cruises can be affected by bad weather in August with sailings cancelled at last moment, although there can be days of good weather. Sapa area has good walking conditions during the day in August with cooler evenings.

Central Vietnam- sunny, warm, rains starting-Long sunny dry days but some rainfall from middle of the month. August being the last month of dry and warm weather before September wet season comes. Beaches are still a good stay.

South Vietnam- hot and humid, rain- August is the middle month of the South’s hot and wet season. Daily heavy rains mainly in the afternoons, with rest of the days having dry conditions, can see some flooding and rough seas.


North Vietnam-sunny, cool and clear -September sees the rain easing off in Hanoi, bright, sunny and dry Autumn days. Cruising Halong is superb in September, sunny days, and warm temperatures. A good time for exploring Sapa and the hilly North. This is the harvest season long sunny days.

Central Vietnam- cloudy, rainy, cool/cold- Some sunny days early in the month but September sees daily rainstorms with the onset of the northeast monsoon. Not best time to visit the beaches.

South Vietnam-hot and humid, rain- daily temperatures remain in high 20’s but the heavy afternoon rains still persist. Some flooding and rough seas. Even with the rains still good time to explore the Mekong Delta full of local life but fewer crowds.


North Vietnam- sunny, cool and clear-October sees end of the wet season, warm and sunny days, ideal for sightseeing, average daytime temperatures  25 degrees. The evenings and early mornings start to get cooler as the month goes on. With low rainfall and low humidity, October is a good time for Halong cruising. A good time for exploring Sapa and the hilly North. This is the harvest season with long sunny days.

Central Vietnam -cloudy, rainy, cool/cold-Possible daily rain in October that can lead to flooding. Average temperatures 24-27 degrees . Not the best time for beach stays, In the Central Highland areas such as Dalat the rains start to slow and outdoor activities are possible,

South Vietnam-hot and humid, rain-Daily temperatures remain high, however as month progresses the sunshine returns making this a good time to visit the Southern beaches, temperatures average at 25-27 degrees. A good month for visiting Mekong Delta and beach islands such as Phu Quoc and Can Dao.


North Vietnam- sunny, cool and clear-Hanoi sees clear sunny days with low rainfall and humidity making it an ideal month for sightseeing. Daytime temperatures in low 20’s with cooler evenings and early mornings. Halong Bay is ideal for cool weather cruising with long dry days. Need to dress warmly. Mornings can be misty.

Central Vietnam-cloudy, rain, cool/ cold-Cooler Daily rains still at their peak, with heavy storms and flooding in the area. Must have good rain gear with you. Not best time for a beach stay, Nha Trang receives half its yearly rainfall in October and November. The Central Highlands are cool and mainly dry, thus good for outdoor activities.

South Vietnam-hot and sunny, clear, some rain- November sees clear sunny days return to the South. Early part of the month may still have light rains in the afternoons. A good time for sightseeing and beach stays. Average temperature in Ho Chi Minh City is 25-27 degrees 


North Vietnam -cloudy, misty, cool/cold- Hanoi will have cool dry days, need to dress warmly. Temperatures will average at 19-20 degrees. Halong Bay in December can have long periods of mist with low visibility. In the Northern mountainous area daytimes will be dry and crisp with chilly nights and early mornings. Frosts and snow may be experienced. Need to pack appropriate warm clothing.

Central Vietnam- cloudy, rain, cool to mild- In the Coastal Lowlands December will see some rains, mainly in the afternoons specially in the early part of the month, becoming dry and sunny towards Christmas when the beach again becomes a good option. With temperatures at around 22-25 degrees. The Central Highlands are dry through the month, so a good time for outdoor activities.

South Vietnam-hot and sunny, clear -December sees ideal weather in the South for sightseeing and beach stays averaging in the upper 20’s, with low humidity and very little rain. Great for sightseeing and for beach stays.