98 Acres Resort & Spa

The 98 Acres Resort is a boutique hotel in Ella set amidst tea covered hills with magnificent views of the southern plains, Ella rock and Little Adam’s Peak. Ella is situated in the southern highlands and can be accessed by train or by car. This ecofriendly resort, opened in 2012, is contemporary in design with the use of granite, polished cement floors, columns made of eucalyptus trees, and roofs of bamboo and Illuk straw – giving it a minimalist feel. Sustainable construction methods haven been used with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Discarded railway sleepers are used for walls, paving and even furniture.

Accommodation at the 98 Acre Resort is in individual stone chalets and the lounge and restaurant is in an open sided pavilion on a hill with breathtaking views. As the name suggests, the Resort spreads across a 98 acre, privately owned tea plantation surrounded by mountains and spectacular views of the southern plains. On a clear day, views extend all the way to the southern lakes in Uda Walawe and Tissamaharama. A 10 acre patch of untouched wilderness within the tea estate attracts many species of hill country birds and is ideal for trekking and nature trails.

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